Choiss collections are its own liberated designs derived from timeless outerwear styles. An array of new materials, textures, colors, styles, or collaborations are released on its site every season.
born to innovate

As passionate adorers of outerwear, Choiss founders were inherently curious- “A jacket should elevate one's confidence and symbolize their creativity and individuality. Why is it so difficult to find jackets that we love, that we feel empowered in, and that fit how we want for a reasonable price?”

After years of designing many prototypes, testing sustainable materials, and building a technology platform and supply chain, a company was born. The result? A made to order, made to measure brand which specializes in making outerwear with attitude, using a sustainable and modern approach to fashion.

Choiss leverages advances in technology and superior craftsmanship to shift the creative process
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express and create

Our modernized take on iconic outerwear classics, are an expression of our own personality, and confidence. You can purchase through our well thought collections but the true expression in our view are the collaborations with you. Be yourself, express yourself and adapt our designs to bring out the best in you.

fashion meets technology

Transformative Collections- presented as a series of limited edition collections, Choiss releases an array of new styles monthly.

Real Time Collaborative Design- customers may purchase the collection jacket as designed or customize sections from a specific palette of complementary materials and colors.

Bespoke Fit - Made to Order: A jacket should fit the way you envision and dream before trying it on. Choiss uses parametric sizing technology to produce real time patterns unique to your measurements and style of fit.

made to last
Following the highest standards in manufacturing and craftsmanship, Choiss collections are designed in its New York studio and hand made in the Garment District.